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Parts: SA & Piano

Language: English

Text by: Sara Teasdale

Music by: Mitchell Fund
Duration: 2:40


The Tree is for two-part women’s chorus or soloists performed with piano. It’s arranged in a lively 7/8, with very singable sections with an exciting and fun piano accompaniment.


Sara Teasdale may have intended this poem to romanticize death, but I interpret it as finding calm wherever you are: learning to take each day as it comes without letting the stress and anxiety of the world get to you, and finding freedom and joy in it.

Sheet Music


The Tree (SAP) Cover

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Scrolling Score


Oh to be free of myself,
With nothing left to remember,
To have my heart as bare
As a tree in December;

Resting, as a tree rests
After its leaves are gone,
Waiting no more for a rain at night
Nor for the red at dawn;


But still, oh so still
While the winds come and go,
With no more fear of the hard frost
Or the bright burden of snow;


And heedless, heedless
If anyone pass and see
On the white page of the sky
Its thin black tracery.

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