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Throughout my life I’ve been a teacher first, and a composer second. Many of my compositions reflect this, being intentionally easy to learn while still making quite an impact with a strong performance. I have many progressive choral and piano pieces to help musicians develop their skills or work on difficult techniques.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with community and high school choirs, often with members across a huge spectrum of skills and musical knowledge which can be difficult for a director to program pieces for. Because of this I strive to write pieces and exercises that actively help a choir grow in their musicality together, and many pieces also have an additional notated version to help interested individuals learn music theory or general musical knowledge.

I primarily compose in minimalist, post-minimalist, and contemporary styles. My influences include Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki, Philip Glass, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Thomas Tallis, Howard Skempton, and Federico Mompou. 

I don’t believe in charging for my sheet music, so it is all offered here for free. That said, I very much appreciate donations if you’ve been enjoying my pieces.

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My concert choral works include performance pieces in both acapella and accompanied arrangements for a variety of women's and mixed groups. The playlist here includes sample recordings.


My choral shorts are short pieces to help choirs of varying skill levels learn and grow together. Listen to sample recordings on my YouTube channel playlist.


A collection of Hymns and Anthems updated for a more modern world.


The playlist here includes samples of my instrumental compositions for keyboard—piano and organ—strings, ensemble, and various other instrumentations.


Original Soundtrack

Compositions and other soundtrack works that don't have sheet music. Still in progress! 

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