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Parts: SATB

Language: English
Duration: 3:10

Music and Text by: Mitchell Fund


In Those Fields is a poignant piece about the last days of an old farmer and the place that he lived and loved. 


This piece is a capella with a complex texture at the climax. Even with that intricacy, it’s quite approachable for choirs because it repeats two sections multiple times with additional divisi.


Sheet Music
ITF (SATB) Cover

This sheet music is free to use as much as you’d like, but please don't share it outside your group as that may interfere with my ability to charge for it in the future.

If you are planning a performance using this music, I’d love to hear from you! 

Scrolling Score




​​In those fields,

​​Those golden fields,

​​I lay down,

​​Please lay me down.


​​Where I worked, 

​​Where I slept,

​​Where I cried when you left.

​​My home, all I've known.


​​In those fields,

​​Those golden fields,

​​Days grow long,

​​Here I belong. 


​​In those fields,

​​Those golden fields,

​​How time's flown,

​​These seeds have grown.

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