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Parts: 2-Part Vocals and Piano

Language: English

Music and Text by: Mitchell Fund
Duration: 2:50


Across the Sea is a piece about missing those in distant places. More than that, this piece has a special twist to it: It's called a "catch."


In a catch, when multiple lines are sung at the same time, the weaving of the lines comes together to create an additional meaning. In this case, when the two parts are sung together, a brand new third verse is heard. 


Sheet Music
Across the sea

My sheet music is free to use. Donations of any amount are very much appreciated. 

If you are planning a performance using this music, I’d love to hear from you! 

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Scrolling Score




You’re across the sea, the sailor life.

Please don’t feel forgotten.

And you can hear my love for you,

Are you coming home?


Questions I ask: Do you miss me?

Out there in the cold, all alone.

Lord ‘neath your sun crying out,

Just bring him home.

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