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  • TTBB & Piano

Language: Latin

Source: Psalm 137
Duration: 3:20


Super Flumina Babylonis, or "By the Streams of Babylon," is the mournful tale of displaced people. Historically it’s set when the Jewish people were deported and held in Babylonia, but the text is unfortunately still very relevant today all around the world.

​​This piece was heavily influenced by Arvo Pärt’s music and uses his Tintinnabuli technique. This leads to some powerful yet still easy-to-sing dissonances, which are accompanied by an unrelenting, minimalist piano part.

Sheet music for the SATB version of Super Flumina Babylonis is available to purchase here. (It was published before I decided to self publish).

Sheet Music


SFB (SATB+P) Cover
SFB (SSAA+P) Cover
SFB (TTBB+P) Cover
Scrolling Score





Super flumina Babylonis,

Illic sedimus et flevimus,

Dum recordaremur tui, Sion.


In salicibus in medio ejus,

Suspendimus organa nostra.

Quia illic interrogaverunt nos

Qui captivos duxerunt nos.


Verba cantionum et qui abduxerunt nos,

Hymnum cantate nobis de canticis Sion.


Quomodo cantabimus canticum

Domini in terra aliena?

English Translation

By the streams of Babylon

We sat down and we wept

When we remembered you, O Zion.


Among the willows on its banks
We hung our harps.

For there they who have taken us captive

Asked us the words of our songs;


They who had wasted us said,

Sing a hymn for us from the songs of Zion.


How shall we sing the Lord's song

In a strange land?

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