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Parts: SSAA & Piano

Language: English
Duration: 3:35

Music and Text by: Mitchell Fund


​​In 4/4 with an unrelenting repeating piano line, this haunting piece is inspired by the sad imbalance that can occur when a person is seriously or terminally ill. They themselves might have accepted their reality while those around them have not, and they often find themselves in the position of trying to comfort those grieving for them as well as facing their own mortality.


Sheet Music
Sojourner (SSAA+P) Cover

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Scrolling Score


Autumn's gone,

​​Moving on,

​​To journeys and places,

​​All unknown,

​​A new home. 


​​O you wanted,

​​But I knew.


​​Winter's call,

​​Fading wherewithal,

​​You tried to stay strong

​​For so long,

​​for so long. 


O you wanted, 

​​But I knew. 


​​There was once a place I could call home,

​​But then I found it overgrown. 

​​A castle trimmed with clouds and bears,

​​Yet I'd not seen you quite that scared. 


​​It's all okay, just passing through,

​​Don't cry for me, take care of you. 

​​Stargaze, dream big, in all your ways,

​​Someday we'll taste those summer days.


Those summer days,

​​Those summer days.

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