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Parts: SATB

Language: Latin
Duration: 2:00-4:00


​​​​The word "Amen" is often translated as "So be it." It’s commonly used in several religions, and its connotations vary depending on how the speaker—or singer—chooses to interpret them. This one word can be tremendously weighted with meaning and emotion. It can be exciting, it can be solemn, or it can be heartwrenching.


How you want your choir to deliver it is up to you: the simplicity of this piece allows for endless possibilities for creative interpretation with the rhythms, dynamics, breaths, and rests. The recording here is an example of how one choir interpreted the music, using it for performance and as a great teaching piece for working on tone and watching the conductor.

Sheet Music


Amen Cover

This sheet music will be available for purchase shortly. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to get in touch!


Scrolling Score
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