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Policy Kit

For a reference guide to my policies, download the PDF below.

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Music is fun, so why should music lessons be any different? When I teach, we start with the basics and move our way up through a core program of skills, techniques, and songs. Meanwhile, students learn songs that they want to learn and work toward goals that they themselves set, like joining a band or playing a certain song. This keeps music lessons enjoyable and also keeps them from growing stagnant. Each lesson changes based on what the student wants (within reason). 

I teach all ages. I have taught children from age 4 to adults in their 80s. Anyone can learn to play an instrument! That said, drums are very hard to teach before age 8, and most students that haven't been to kindergarten have a difficult time being able to focus for a whole half hour. 

Many adults seem to think that learning a new instrument is only for the kids, but it's never too late to learn a new instrument. I have adults who  after some time in lessons now perform in rock bands or play beautiful classical music. Currently about a quarter of all my students are adults. 

I currently teach all lessons remotely over Zoom. Contact me with any specific questions, but here's the basic breakdown. 

My rates:


Weekly 30 minute lessons (per month) - $140

Weekly 45 minute lessons (per month) - $200

Weekly 60 minute lessons (per month) - $250

Single Lessons - $50 per half hour


I teach:

Drumset and Percussion

Rock and Funk 

Orchestral and/or Marching Band

Jazz and Latin 

Hand drums and World Rhythms 






Theory and Composition

Music Theory 


Classical Composition 


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