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Mitchell Fund

Teacher / Composer


Hi there! My name is Mitchell, and I’ve been a music teacher and composer in the Pacific Northwest for the past 18 years.

As a teacher, I provide remote music lessons in a relaxed, low-pressure manner, making them accessible for students of all levels and ages. I teach music theory, composition, piano, drum, and songwriting lessons. I strive to shape lessons individually around each student to help them achieve their musical goals
, and I work especially well with adult students and students who’ve struggled with more traditional music instruction. I am a massive music theory nerd with in-depth knowledge of over 1000 years of western music theory, as well as a solid amount of theory from cultures around the world. 

As a composer, I primarily write minimalist, post-minimalist, and contemporary choral music, as well as exercises and pieces designed to help choirs and pianists develop their musical skills further. All my compositions are available for free here on my website.

If you're interested in lessons, please contact me for a free meet and greet session! 

Latest Compositions

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