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You can listen and see my music via scrolling score on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud. If you are interested in performing my music, all my sheet music is currently free. Please just contact me and I'm happy to get the scores to you as well as study recordings if needed. 

I have four types of music available: Choral Music; Hymns, Anthems, and Service Music; Instrumental Music; and an Original Soundtrack. Find out more below!


My choral music, with both a capella and accompanied arrangements for a variety of women's and mixed groups can be found here. The playlist here includes sample recordings.


A variety of hymns, anthems, and service music for choirs can be found here, complete with sheet music.  Listen to "Adoramus Te, Christe" for an example recording and the other tracks for samples of the music.


The playlist here includes samples of my instrumental compositions for keyboard, strings, and ensemble. More details, including sheet music, are freely available here.



Tracks for my original soundtrack can be sampled at the playlist here. More details are forthcoming.

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